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#DontShoot Its time to stop all of these senseless shootings thats goin on. Its not fair for another human being to end the life of another. You are not God you have no right to say who can live and who dies just because you may have had a meaningless disagreement or whatever the situation was. Its way too many young people that are having their lives snuffed out and the families are left behind to wonder what could have been and what life their loved one could have had. #WakeUp

The pic on the left is from one of the civil rights protests in the 1960’s. The other is from the Michael Brown killing protests this year 2014. Its crazy that this keeps happening over and over again with these young black men getting killed by these cops. Its time to wake to what’s going in the world people. They killing our people, taking lives and then we turn around and have black people killing other black people everyday at alarming rates. We must start to value ourselves and our lives cause the way these cops are killing these boys without hesitation, they certainly don’t have it. I hope justice will be served in this case cause enough is enough, how many more lives will be taking in this manor by the people who are sworn to protect us. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

We live in a microwave society now, we want everything quick, fast, and now. Everything doesn’t work like that, you got something you trying to do, go for it. Keep on working that job, keep on working to get that car or house, keep working until your family is good. Things mean much more when they are earned, hard work does pay off.

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